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Damaged Chromebooks Process for Grades K-4
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  1. There will be a loaner issued to each general education classroom teacher that can reside in the classroom cart if it is not needed.
  2. Librarian will organize damaged Chromebooks to go out for repair and will coordinate repaired Chromebooks to be returned to classrooms (tech will provide totes if requested).
  3. The teacher, NOT the librarian, will put in a ticket for a broken device and include MCSD number as well as describe the issue with the device. If the one classroom loaner isn't enough for the need of the class, the TEACHER will cc the librarian that a loaner is needed and who it is needed for.
  4. The device will be turned into the librarian ONLY IF the teacher has already entered a ticket for it.
  5. The librarian will check out a loaner if needed to the student and deliver it to the teacher/classroom.
  6. The techs will frequently pick up the damaged Chromebooks to deliver to the district Chromebook repair person.
  7. Once the item is repaired, the tech will deliver the Chromebook to the librarian to be distributed back to the classroom it came from.
  8. The librarian will deliver the repaired device and pick up the loaner if one was checked out. The librarian will check the loaner back in to the library.


*Note for teachers entering tickets: Teachers can always enter a ticket through Happy Fox. The email option of putting a ticket in through emailing is easier; however, the librarian would only get cc'd through email rather than through Happy Fox. The librarian would have to see the request for a loaner in his/her email. The tech department will defer to the librarians to work out with the building teachers which ticketing process they would prefer.

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