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Packing up your classroom for Summer
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Desktop teacher/staff/student computers:

The technology department has asked that we keep computer units together so that in the fall the keyboard/mouse gets back to the right computer. 

  1. If you are leaving the building/district at the close of this school year, or if your computer (desktop/laptop) has been slow, please create a technology ticket to have your computer reimaged.  Turn your chromebook into the Library.
  2. Label your computer with tape and include your room number.  Add a letter if you have more than one computer in your room (i.e. 131-A). This helps get your equipment back to your room after cleaning.

  3. Disconnect all cables, power, printers, monitor, connections to projectors, mouse, keyboard, network cable, VGA extender, external speakers, etc.  Label where the cords go if you need help remembering next fall!

  4. Place all items from #3 in a box and label it for your room and computer letter (if you have more than one similar machine in your room).  Find a safe place for these where you’ll be able to access them first thing next year (closed cupboard or drawer).

  5. Leave the labeled tower, monitor and printer (if your room has one) on the desk.


Laptop carts:  Secure laptops inside cart; disconnect power and network; lock.


Teacher Chromebooks and Laptops: Please take your issued Chromebook/laptop home.  IF leaving the building/district please turn in your Chromebook/Laptop with charger to the library.


TV’s, VCR, DVD, Document viewers, overheads – unplug power/cable lines.  Put remotes and these items/cables in a safe place (drawer or cupboard).  Please pull batteries out of remotes (they corrode over summer)! 


LCD Projectors:  Place remote (pull out batteries) and any cables in a safe place (drawer or cupboard).  Do NOT cover or bag the projector. If your projector is NOT mounted to the ceiling or wall, please stow it in a drawer or cupboard for the summer. Ceiling and wall-mounted projectors may be left as is.



Please update your voicemail for a summer greeting. If your new telephone is wall-mounted or on a non-movable surface, please leave it plugged in. If your new telephone is sitting on a movable surface (desk, bookcase), please unplug it and stow in a cupboard or drawer


Library Items:  Please return any equipment (and books, videos, magazines, etc.) checked out from the library to the Library.


Want to take you Google Files with you? If you are leaving the district you can use Takeout or Transfer to make a copy: see instructions at


Personal Technology Devices: Remember to take these home!


Need something fixed? Want technology changed in your room, please put in a ticket.  [email protected]

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